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Reunions Past

From the start in 1951, when Olin E. Frisbee proposed that FFFAA members gather for a meeting in Branford, Connecticut he found “quite a number…think it a grand idea!” With his trademark enthusiasm, Olin even proposed asking the Branford newspaper to declare it “Frisbie Week.”

Branford, founded in 1644 with help of our ancestor Edward Frisbie, is the originating point of our Frisbie families in America. Olin declared that “To those who have not as yet visited Branford, let me tell you in all earnestness that when you see and realize that this is sacred ground to us, you will experience goose-pimples over and over again when you visit the Church, the burying ground, “Hearthstone” and the many other old Frisbie homes so wonderfully well-preserved these hundreds of years.”

That September, members from as far north as Maine and west as Texas gathered together. The weekend included a business meeting (where the FFFAA Constitution was submitted/amended/adopted), followed by jaunts to various historical Frisbie sites (“Edward Frisbie built his first home over there on Town Street, now Montowese Street, where the Connecticut Light and Power Company building now stands”) and a banquet at the Sachem Country House with choice of roast beef, chicken or broiled lobster. “Naturally there were speeches and good-natured banter pro and con into which the Texas delegation enthusiastically entered.” *

That first, extremely successful, reunion has been followed by over 68 years of joyful meetings of the Frisbie-Frisbee clan. From 1951 to 2001 they were held annually, presently they are every two years.

Frisbie-Frisbee Family Assoc. reunions have been hosted in: • Branford, CT • Orwell, PA • Delhi, NY • Kittery, ME • Lake Ariel, PA • Springfield, IL • Arcadia, CA • New Haven, CT • Wichita, KS • Dallas, TX • Cromwell, CT • Red Cloud, NE • Stuyvesant Falls, NY • Cambridge, OH • Claremont, CA • Manitowoc-Two Rivers, WI • Westport, NY • Abilene, KS • Pittsburgh, PA • Washington D.C. • Marietta, OH • Binghamton, NY • Westminster, MD • Falmouth, MA • Two Rivers, MI • Colorado Springs, CO • Evanston, IL • Hawley, PA • Philadelphia, PA • Geneva-On-The-Lake, OH • Hartford, CT • Topeka, KS.

FFFAA reunions always include a business meeting followed by several days of celebrations of family and renewal of friendships, with Frisbies visiting from all over the country. From 1951 to 1960 reunion attendees were treated each time to a fresh poem written and presented by beloved member Benjamin L. Frisbie “Uncle Ben”.

Join us at the next reunion in June of 2022. Meet your Frisbie relatives, share the local historical sites, become part of your family legacy. Your participation matters—and you will have a great time!

1953 Reunion Poem by Uncle Ben**

From St. Petersburg I came
Uncle Ben’s my best name
The surname is Frisbie, you know.

I’ve traveled those miles
To sense the warm smiles
And hear the good Frisbie “Hello.”

May this meeting so fine
The third in its line
Let us meet many good friends, old and new.

And may the dreams of great plans
Which our best future demands
Be those dreams that really come true.

Interested? Message us and we will keep you posted on the fun details!

If you are interested in hosting or helping plan a reunion contact us at dlluh@msn.com.

*(For more details on the first FFFAA reunion see Bulletin Vol. 1 No. 4 October 1951)
**(For more of Uncle Ben’s poetry see Bulletin Vol. 68 No. 4 Winter 2018)

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