The FFFAA “Bulletin” Newsletters

1950 – 2019

The FFFAA “Bulletin” Newsletters

Shortly after the formation of the Frisbie-Frisbee Family Association of America in 1950 founder, Olin Eli Frisbee began publishing the “Bulletin” newsletter. Olin traveled the country doing research and listening to family stories, corresponded with thousands of Frisbies hearing about births, marriages, deaths, and tales of ancestors, and shared that news with the FFFAA members through the “Bulletin.”In 1964 Nora G. Frisbie became the editor of the newsletter. She continued the tradition of traveling to research our history and corresponding with Frisbies around the world, filling the “Bulletin” pages with rich historical data.

Researching your family? We are making available to you the entire catalog of “Bulletin” newsletters from 1950 to the present. The different editors over the years have filled them with photos, milestones and interesting stories of Frisbie-Frisbees historical and current.

The first “Bulletins” were composed on an old-fashioned typewriter, with hand-cut stencils, and hand-printed on a borrowed mimeograph machine by our founder Olin Eli Frisbie (read about in Vol.1 No.1). Over the years there have been a succession of editors, and the type has gone from hand-typed to computer graphics, the printing from mimeograph to laser-printing and digital pdf versions. The quality of images and graphics have been improved and color has been recently added. The history of producing the “Bulletin” is in itself also the history of the growth of communication methods in our lifetimes.

We hope you enjoy exploring the archived FFFAA “Bulletins.” They are a rich resource for finding out about your Frisbie past. In the “Bulletins” you will find the stories of the everyday lives of one American family—the Frisbies.

The 1950s

The 1950's

Vol1_No1_Jan1951 — 1st officers; FFFAA constitution; Frisbie History

Vol1_No2_Apr1951 — Coat of Arms (FYI not real); Frisbie History

Vol1_No3_Jul1951 — Frisbie History; 23rd Judge Gideon Frisbee reunion

Vol1_No4_Oct1951 — 1st FFFAA reunion, in Branford, CT; Uncle Ben poem

Vol2_No1_Jan1952 — Frisbee Memorial Hospital donation, Rochester, NH; Frisbie ships

Vol2_No2_Apr1952 — Collecting for Frisbie Museum; Frisbie ships; Uncle Ben poem

Vol2_No3_Jul1952 — England Frisbie info; Frisbie ships

Vol2_No4_Oct1952 — 2nd FFFAA reunion, in Branford, CT; request to preserve Samuel Frisbie home; Uncle Ben poem.

Vol3_No1_Jan1953 — Selling seals and 1926 Genealogy books. Members list

Vol3_No2_Apr1953 — Collecting for Frisbie Museum; Guard of Documents elected

Vol3_No3_Jul1953 — George Frisbie of Kansas

Vol3_No4_Oct1953 — 3rd FFFAA reunion, in Branford, CT; Uncle Ben poem

Vol4_No1_Jan1954 — Jamestown Exposition; Louise Frisbie; Hiram Z. Frisbie; Vallejo donation; Frisbie History; Uncle Ben poem

Vol4_No2_Apr1954 — Frisbie British History

Vol4_No3_Jul1954 — Mae Belle Frisbie, Bristol, Wisconsin

Vol4_No4_Oct1954 — 4th FFFAA reunion, in Orwell, Pennsylvania

Vol5_No1_Jan1955 — Frisbie Museum mention, Branford; “Frisbie in cement” step at house in Orwell, PA

Vol5_No2_Apr1955 — D.B.Frisbie donates pics of Gen. John B. Frisbie and Dr. Levi C. Frisbie; Edward Frisbie’s 1690 will

Vol5_No3_Jul1955 — Uncle Ben “Your Name” poem

Vol5_No4_Oct1955 — 5th FFFAA Reunion in Delhi, NY; Wally Byam Trailer Caravan to Mexico

Vol6_No1_Jan1956 — Letter from Florence “Johnny” Frisbie of Hawaii

Vol6_No2_Apr1956 — Hwy Comm. to remove ancient trees in front of Hearthstone; “Trees” poem

Vol6_No4_Oct1956 — 6th FFFAA Reunion in Branford, CT; efforts to save Samuel Frisbie house

Vol7_No1_Jan1957 — Natl. Petroleum filling station run by Anthony Frisbie; Frisbie History

Vol7_No2_Apr1957 — Proposed plaque at Jamestown; histories of Dr. Alvah, Dr. D.G. Frisbie, Gen. Frisbie of Vallejo; look-alike Frisbies

Vol7_No3_JulOct_1957 — 7th FFFAA Reunion in Orwell, PA; Samuel Frisbie house moved; Judge Gideon house to be museum; Uncle Ben poem

Vol8_No1_Jan1958 — Mrs. Crete Frisbie China Painting; Frisbies and houses History; Uncle Ben poem

Vol8_No2_Apr1958 — History of Marion and Elizabeth Frisbie Gordon of Benicia, CA

Vol8_No3_Jul1958 — 8th FFFAA Reunion at Judge Gideon house Delhi, NY; Uncle Ben poem “Outer Space Not For Me”

Vol9_No1_Jan1959 — Judge Gideon house purchase is being settled

Vol9_No2_Apr1959 — Olins mimeograph machine gets lost; history of Margaret Ballard Frisbie

Vol9_No3_Jul1959 — 9th FFFAA Reunion in Delhi, NY; No room to be dedicated to the FFFAA at Judge Gideon house; Uncle Ben reunion poem

Vol9_No4_Oct1959 — Margaret Frisbie Calia; American’s Creed; Johnny Frisbie “The Frisbies of the South Seas”

The 1960s

The 1960's

Vol10_No1_Jan1960 — William Gladstone, Boston and Nathaniel Foote, CT connections

Vol10_No2_Apr1960 — Facts about Delhi, NY; membership by state; Russell A. Frisbie history

Vol10_No3_Jul1960 — Jim Peck history

Vol10_No4_Oct1960 — 10th FFFAA Reunion at Judge Gideon house in Delhi, NY; Uncle Ben poem; J. Bernard Frisbie

Vol11_No1_Jan1961 — “Uncle Ben” Benjamin Llewellyn Frisbie dies, Uncle Ben poem; FFFAA revised Constitution; French & Indian war

Vol11_No2_Apr1961 — Rev. Samuel Russell of Branford, CT; Frisbie grandson held by “Red” Chinese

Vol11_No3_Jul1961 — Reunion at Kittery, Maine; Founding of Pine River, Wisconsin by #2985

Vol11_No4_Oct1961 — 11th FFFAA Reunion; “tribute to Uncle Ben” Poem; daughter of Susan Wissler, King Mt. Ranch, MT

Vol12_No1_Jan1962 — Gertrude Frisbie Bird 80th birthday; Rialto, CA honors Warren Frisbie; FFFAA Constitution; Revolutionary War

Vol12_No2_Apr1962 — 1926 Genealogy given to descendant at Vallejo Museum; Revolutionary War

Vol12_No3_Jul1962 — Margaret Frisbie Calia journey to Brazil; Rev. War; building 1853 steamer “Kate Frisbee”

Vol12_No4_Oct1962 — 12th FFFAA Reunion at Lake Ariel, PN; in 1842 John Frisbey moves from Ohio to undeveloped Indiana; Rev. War

Vol13_No1_Jan1963 — Dr. Frank Frisbie, 1898; Navajo Indian Mission School in Holbrook, AZ; Rev. War; Coat of Arms–not ours!

Vol13_No2_Apr1963 — Fred Frisbee and 1890 gold mining in Cripple Creek, CO; Rev. War

Vol13_No3_Jul1963 — Rev. War; obits: Julian N. Frisbie, Margerie Frisbie, Owen Phelps Frisbie – Sherlock Holmes enthusiast

Vol13_No4_Oct1963 — 13th FFFAA Reunion at Delhi, NY; Rev. War; Frisbie Memorial Chapel, Waterford, Michigan

Vol14_No1_Jan1964 — Rev. War; Clara Reynolds 1963 trip; William & Hiram Frisbie roof collapse at Lake Ariel, PA; Frisbees Kittery Point, ME

Vol14_No2_Apr1964 — Rialto, CA school named Warren H. Frisbie Junior High; Jerome’s First Voyage poem

Vol14_No3_Jul1964 — Fredonia Censor newspaper created by Henry C. Frisbee, Chautauqua, NY

Vol14_No4_Oct1964 — Olin Frisbee dies—tributes; Whamo Frisbee; Vallejo submarine; Solon Frisbee owner of market in Kittery, ME

Vol15_No1_Jan1965 — Overview of Frisbie and Assoc. Histories; Russell E. Frisbie of Orwell, PA dairy and maple sugar farm; Capt. Roswell Riley Frisbee and adventures in CA; CT Governor Samuel Foot descendant of Abigail Frisbee; current family news

Vol15_No2_Apr1965 — Judge Gideon House news; Wm. Kuykendall Frisbie of Orwell, PA; clock-making Hoadleys; Richard Frisby of London Part 1; 1911 first airplane flyer John. J. Frisbie; current family news

Vol15_No4_Oct1965 — 15th FFFAA reunion at Lake Ariel, PA; Nora takes over as FFFAA President; visit to Frisby-on-the-Wreake; Ben bequeaths to FFFAA; Richard Frisby of London part 2; current family news

Vol16_No1_Jan1966 — Meet Nora; Russell A. Frisbie wills house to Cromwell, CT; Old Gravity railroad, Lake Ariel, PA; Richard Frisby of London part 3; escape by Ulysses Jones of San Rafael, model of Kate Frisbee packet boat; CA; not our coat of arms; current family news

Vol16_No2_Apr1966 — Frisbee House in Delhi, NY; Russell A. Frisbie 1901 automobile; Richard Frisby of London part 4; Louisa May Alcott had an uncle Charles Frisbie; current family news

Vol16_No3_Jul_1966 — FFFAA 16th reunion in Delhi, NY; Richard Frisby of London part 5; Hamlin F. Frisbie #2249 founded Frisbie Engineering & Machine Co. in Ohio; steam packet “Kate Frisbee” history; Susan Frisbie Wissler first woman mayor in U.S. Dayton, WY; David Hoadley self-taught architect; racial integration in 1840; church of St. James, London; current family news

Vol16_No4_Oct_1966 — minutes from reunion; Edward Frisbie of Branford, CT;  Pres. Johnson’s daughter travels incognito under name Mrs. Frisbie; Samuel Frisbie #3957 of Red Cloud, NE; grave of Mary Frisbie halts highway construction; current family news

Vol17_No1_Jan1967 — Edward Frisbie of Branford, CT; Hearthstone gavel; Dr. Earl Frisbie #4958 of Park Ridge, IL; Gideon Frisbee #711; John Frisbee #1433 friend of Pres. Van Buren; narrow escape of James Frisbie #884; Sam Frisbee’s #7145 clock; current family news

Vol17_No2_Apr1967 — change in FFFAA Constitution; Frisbee Room at Judge Gideon Frisbee House; Nga Frisbie Anderson #12271; Edward Frisbie of Branford, CT; current family news

Vol17_No3_Jul1967 — FFFAA 16th reunion at Lake Ariel, PA; Edward Frisbie of Branford, CT children; Frisbies in CA Gold Rush; Mabel Frisbie Clark #2585; James Horace Frisbie II #12751 of CO then CA; New Haven towns all over America named by Frisbies of Branford; current family news

Vol17_No4_Oct1967 — FFFAA 16th reunion at Lake Ariel, PA; John Frisbie #11 of Branford, CT; Sam Frisbee’s #7145 clock; membership by state; current family news

Vol18_Bonus Issue_May1968 — tigers in the basement; Ebenezer Frisbee #124, Hezekiah #363 Caleb #159, Ichabod Culpepper #544 of Branford, CT; Lyman Frisbie #738 settles in Mendon, IL; Lt. Col. Philip Frisbee #284 of Canaan, NY; Earl Frisbie #4958 imbibes Mountain Dew and sees a corpse rise; “In Autumn 1828” poem by Irene Frisbie Stoddard #469; Zara Frisbie #2964 of White Creek, NY; Maurine Frisbey #30295 in KS;  Laura Ann Frisbie #1691 gave her 2 children to celibate Shakers; Frisbee toy; current family news

Vol18_No1_Jan1968 — John Frisbie #11 of Branford, CT; Russell A. Frisbie of Cromwell; current family news

Vol18_No2_Apr1968 — history of IL; Edward Frisbie of Branford, CT; Ichabod Frisbie #2235 diaries microfilmed; Famous Frisbies; name spelling; current family news

Vol18_No3_Jul1968 — Abraham Lincoln stories; Illinois pioneers; heirlooms; Caleb Frisbie #18; Frisbee toy; origins of FFFAA; current family news

Vol18_No4_Oct1968 — FFFAA reunion in Springfield, IL; estate of Edward Frisbie of Branford, CT part 1; origins of FFFAA; current family news

Vol19_Bonus Issue_May1969 — Newspaper Frisbies of Bartow, FL; found Susannah Frisbie #1058 tombstone used as cornerstone for bldg.; pilot Ulysses Grant Jones #1-5136-442; tragic tale of Lydia Frisibe Rogers #231; Frisbies of Orwell, PA; Branford govt. Regulations; Olive Butler Frisbie #197 of CT then PA; Judah Frisbie #255 of Branford; Frisbee Street, New Canaan, NY; LA Examiner newspaper imaginary Victor Frisbie of CA;

Vol19_No1_Jan1969 — master file on Frisbies; estate of Edward Frisbie of Branford, CT part 1; Frisbie authors; current family news

Vol19_No2_Apr1969 — Rev. John Bowers of Branford, CT; Firefighting Frisbies of Zenith, KS; Mary Frisbie #13446 of Owego, NY; Milton Frisbie #1618; current family news

Vol19_No3_Jul1969 — Judge Gideon Frisbee #711; Russell A. Frisbie of Cromwell car; “Whistling Gene” #2064 of KS; Rose family of Branford, CT; current family news

Vol19_No4_Oct1969 — FFFAA reunion at Delphi, NY; Frisbie treasures; Frisbie Pies; the Branford Bull; ferryboat General Frisbie; Ruth Frisbie Alcott and the Seneca turnpike; Baseball Frisbies; current family news

The 1970s

The 1970's

Vol20_No1_Jan1970 — 1600s John Charles a relative of Frisbies; Frisbie hobbies: pewter; Frisby-on-the-Wreake; Joseph Frisbie #3793 of Frisbie’s Pies inventor of baking machinery; Richard Frisbie #12487 writer and advertising man; search for ancestor Hannah Howland; Frisbie relics found in attic in Orwell, PA; musical Frisbies; Edward Frisbie #5529 clown of the Barnum festival; Frisbee toy in Russia; needlepoint kit; Mrs. Frisbie in Gleem toothpaste commercial; baseball Frisbie William Stafford #2-4638-373; current family news

Vol20_No2_Apr1970 — school named for Dr. Alvah Lillie Frisbie #1290 in Des Moines, IA; Edward Frisbie #5529 clown of the Barnum festival; 1900 census questions met with a kettle of boiling water; 1800s John Blackman Frisbie #2786 and brothers Calif. history; stamp collectors; 1900 Frank COleman Frisbie #3121 of Orwell, PA trained horses for Czar of Russia, get out with their lives; Lyman Frisbie #2486; Frisbie history display for DAR conference in LA, CA; current family news

Vol20_No3_Jul1970 — Emma Jackson #3-0644-473 in movement to restore San Bernardino mission Asistencia in CA; 1800s Earl Frisbie #7026 and the Frisbie Century Farm; glow-in-the-dark Frisbee; Edward Frisbie #2787 son of John B. of CA; 1900 census enumerator Joseph Frisbie #2903 covered country by horse drawn carriage in IL; current family news

Vol20_No4_Oct1970 — FFFAA reunion in Arcadia, CA; meet Olin Frisbee # 5954; Uncle Ben poem, Frisbie ferry, NY; hobbies; Dana Frisbee #8536; McGillicuddy, imaginary character by Olin Frisbee

Vol20_SpecialIssue1970 — program for the 20th FFFAA reunion in Arcadia, CA

Vol21_No1_Jan1971 — Raymond Frisbie #4705 of Joliet, IL outstanding chemistry/science educator in the nation; J.&E. Stevens banks; S. Loyal Frisbie’s Florida magazine; Univ. Eugene OR offers the Art of Frisbee throwing class; Rev. Alvah Frisbie in Cong. Church publ.; twins Joseph #538 and Judah Frisbie #539 were born on the first leap year day, Feb. 29, 1752; current family news.

Vol21_No2_Apr1971 — Hearthstone; recollections from 1951 reunion; 1800s Samuel Frisbie #226 of Branford; Frisbie Store in Kittery, ME “Grocery of Year;” Frisbees stocked in campus stores for 1st time; things to do in New Haven and Branford, CT; Frisbie collectors and hobbyists; current family news

Vol21_No3_Jul1971 — — 21st FFFAA reunion in New Haven, CT; 1920 Frisbee Truck in Michigan; native american (Seneca and Mohawk) Lenore Henhawk Frisbee wife of Alton Frisbee #4665; 1800s Wisconsin pioneer Frisbies; Frisbee Opera House, Union City, PA; tragic story of Mary Frisbie Chandler #2309; Leon Frisbee #8546 poem; Frisby shoe store chain in England; Charles Frisbie “Mr. Macramé;”planes crash near James D. Frisbie #3801 of Duarte, CA; jailhouse Frisbies; current family news

Vol21_No4_Oct1971 — 1871 Frisbie toy steam engine; pioneer Asa Putnam Frisbie #2305 of Guthrie, OK; Ruby Frisbie Blakney #6011 of CO; 1884 teaching position letter from Westport, NY; jailhouse Frisbies; Irene Frisbie Stoddard #469 daughter of Philemon #167; Clara Reynolds #1-1944-136 artist; Charles Milton Frisbie #2739 of NY; Frisbie Pie Co.; Pie tin on Dick Cavett TV show; current family news

Vol21_SpecialIssue_Feb1971 — story of Hearthstone; remembering 1st reunion; 1800s railroad president Timothy Blackstone; Theodore Frisbie #7432 solves mystery of desk; Frisbee toy teams organized; current family news

Vol22_No1_Jan1972 — Huldah Kuykendall and George Frisbie #1654 of Orwell, PA; Kansas pioneer George Frisbie #3120; member statistics; Edward Frisbie #5761’s relative inspiration for “Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow” character; David Washington Frisbie #1973 of NY; jailhouse Frisbie; Stephen #2355 and Adeline Frisbie; current family news

Vol22_No2_Apr1972 — Lynde Frisbie #1064 of Branford, CT; Kansas Frisbies; Pike Frisbie #1917 and Orlando Case #2685 of KS; Elizabeth Frisbie #8695 summer on Navaho Reservation; Edgar Frisby #30169 of Leicestershire England; J. Bernard Frisbie #4572 of FL tribute; Ichabod Frisbie #2235 pioneer of IA and NE; musical Frisbies; Charles Frisbie of Santa Barbara 103 yrs. old; current family news

Vol22_No3_Jul1972 –– 22nd FFFAA reunion in Wichita, KS; clock making Frisbies of CT; Frisbie clowns; Indiana pioneer John Frisbey #30179; visiting Red Cloud, NE; Leander Frisby #1869; Charles Frisbie #5572 of CT retires; Peter Frisbie #7374 rummages thru old Frisbie Pie bakery; Wisconsin pioneer Charles Sheldon Frisbie #663 ;current family news

Vol22_No4_Oct1972 — Frisbee Supermarket of Kittery Point oldest grocery in the U.S.; Wisconsin pioneer Charles Sheldon Frisbie #663; Indiana pioneer Cary Frisbey #30197; Frisbie hobbies mustache cups and old hand tools; Ward family of Poultney, VT; vicar’s story of Frisby-on-the-Wreake, Engl.; balloon man John Frisbie #12933 of NY; Red Cloud, NE visit; jailhouse Frisbies; Marilla Frisbee’s #2690; Dr. Charles Frisbie #14289 of CA;  wedding quilt; current family news

Vol23_No1_Jan1973 –– St. Matthias Church of Fairview, MI; Indiana pioneer Cary Frisbey #30197; Victorian Cemetery art marker of Edward Frisby #1449; Kansas pioneer Mary Frisbie McClure; missing 1800s triplet cradle of Amelia Frisbie McClure; Frisby-on-the-Wreake; Wisconsin pioneer Urania Bronson Frisbie #663 helps build railroad; Ultimate Frisbee and Frisbee toy research; Clifton Frisbie #4710 finds Mary Parker’s missionary journal of Hawaii; current family news

Vol23_No2_Apr1973 –– Benjamin Platt Forbes #2-1588-944 100 yrs. old; Elsie Frisbee Bulger #2876 of HIlton, NY lived to 101 yrs. old;; William Redman Frisbey member of very first basketball team at Washburn, KS; Church of St. Thomas at Canterbury in Leicestershire, England; Illinois pioneer Lyman Frisbie #738; First Annual Traditional Intern. Invitational Pro-Am Frisbee Golf Tournament at Stetson Univ. FL; Edward Selah Frisbee#2738 and his 1926 Frisbie Genealogy; musical Frisbies; “Men of Progress” Samuel Frisbie #2236 current family news

Vol23_No3_Jul1974 — 23rd FFFAA reunion at Delhi, NY; 1800s pioneer of Illinois and Missouri James Frisbie #1643; Olin’s character McGillicuddy; account of Battle at Wounded Knee; Frisby-on-the-Wreake; land donor Frisbies honored by Presbyterian Church of Vallejo, CA; Frisbie authors; Charles Brown Frisbie #2123 of Cromwell, CT; Abel Frisbie #156 of Branford, CT; tribute to Wyatt Frisbee #5614; Copper, MI annual Frisbee competition; current family news

Vol23_No4_Oct1973 –– Gideon Frisbee Family #711; Frisbees of Maple Shade farm NY; Gideon Frisbee #74 1st settler of New Canaan, NY, the community of Frisbee Street; Frisby-on-the-Wreake visit by Betty Frisbee Feyko #5801; Robert Frisbee #7609 electric motor expert of Andes, NY; Marilla Frisbee Weismer #2690 wedding quilt, Laura Frisbee ruby glass; Philo Frisbie #791 of Seneca Falls, NY; current family news

Vol24_No1_Jan1974 — Branford history, Green, Blackstone Library, Academy, CT; John Lafayette Frisbie #1259; Ichabod Frisbie #2235 and the Amboy, Milling & Elevator Co. in Red Cloud, NE; current family news

Vol24_No2_Apr1974 — 200 yrs of the Ward farm of Poultry, VT; Lyman Frisbie #4710 journal; Iowa pioneer Daniel Frisbie #1287; Grantville, KS Frisbie farmhouse centennial; Jean Frisbie Morbella’s red glass collection; Pastor Robert Frisbee #8523 ministry duties on a motorcycle; current family news

Vol24_No3_Jul1974 — 23rd FFFAA reunion at Dallas, TX; possible Frisbie calendar; Philemon Frisbie #167 wife Rhoda Butler’s history; Van Alen-Frisbee House in NY; Mary Josephine Frisbie Chandler #2309; Hiram Frisbie #1677 of Holley, NY; Branford, CT residents protest and try to save tree; current family news

Vol24_No4_Oct1974 — Zebulon Frisbie #800 house Orwell, PA; pilgrimage to Frisby-on-the-Wreake England; day book of Lyman Frisbie #738; Frisbie Logue connection; Frisbie-Baldwin connection; 1600s Branford Congregational Church; Frisbies of Claremont, CA; Polly Frisbie Jackson #644 of IL; reminiscences of Eliza Frisbie Smith #1197; Frisbee toy hits England; Frisbie Calendar; current family news

Vol25_No1_Jan1975 –– Philip Frisbee #284 soldier of the King; Frisbee-Butler connection; 500 lb. bears roamed Delaware County, NY in the early days; 1872 letter to Cora St. Leon Frisbie #3175; mystery solved on Sarah A. Frisbie–name on bottom of Capt. Gray tombstone, Manchester, CT; Isaac Frisbie #2261 clock maker; wife to John Frisbie #235 is discovered, Eliza; Civil War George Frisbie #3088; Owen Frisbie #4373 Sherlock Holmes “Baker Street Irregular”painting in Sherlock Holmes tavern in London; ship building John Davis Frisbee #1804 of PA; Frisbie Street in Fowler, IL; Judge Gideon House, Delhi, NY; Frisbee Hotel, Cambridge, OH; Frisbie authors; Elaine Werts daughter of Robert Frisbie #12261 Cook Islands writer; Peake-Frisbee connection; current family news

Vol25_No2part2_Apr1975 — Frisbies of Cromwell, CT; 1800s John Blackman Frisbie #2786 finds gold in CA; thief breaks in to Hearthstone; teaching cert. for Emeline Frisbie Pond #1588; Frisbie-Shaver connection; Frisbie-Mann connection; Zebulon Frisbie house in Orwell, PA; Nora book “Frisbie Family in Amer. Rev”; current family news

Vol25_No3_Jul1975 — FFFAA reunion in Cromwell, CT; Frisbies of Cromwell, CT; Abraham Frisbey #12947 of No. Carolina; John Frisbee #1433 of Delhi, NY; letter from Mary Frisbee #4439 of Seattle; Football Frisbies; early settlers to IL brought the “spirit of song”; current family news

Vol25_No4_Oct1975 — John Keyko “Walden Spoon” pewter project; Henry Russell Frisbie #2121 of NY; Frisbie authors; Abraham Frisbey #12947 of No. Carolina; Frisbie artists; VT and OH pioneer Luther Frisbie #389; Branford, CT churches; FFFAA donates to Cromwell, CT; Olin’s character McGillicuddy; Frisbie house renovation; current family news

Vol26_No1_Jan1976 –– 1600s Richard Frisby on ship Jonathan from London; “Frisbee” book by Stancil Johnson with history; Samuel unrecorded son of William Frisbie #1028; inventions by Frisbies; world’s first Frisbee toy golf course in CA; Isaac Frisbie #2261 clock maker; news on Gideon Frisbee house museum to be built; Ichabod Frisbie #235 of Red Cloud, NE; Frisbies of Southington, CT; current family news

Vol26_No2_Apr1976 — Edward Russell Frisbie #2048 of Iowa 100 yrs. old, his family history; Gen. Vallejo traveling chest; Russell Frisbie #1033 Tammany bank; book on Frisbies in U.S. patent records; Wilfords of Branford, CT; Howard Frisbie #5603 of FL; Rev. War soldier Ichabod Frisbie #544; current family news

Vol26_No3_Jul_1977 — FFFAA reunion in Red Cloud, NE; Nora’s Bicentennial needlepoint; Wichita, KS pioneer Orlando Frisbee #4439; Philemon Frisbie #3999 human hair jewelry; Middlebury College claims first Frisbee toss; No. Carolina will spelled Phrisbey; Jonah Frisbie #248 of Branford, CT; Frisbee House in NY; mystery of Jonathan Frisby: current family news

Vol26_No4_Oct1976 — Lyman Frisbie #2486; funds for Edward Frisbie #2787 Memorial in Redding, CA; “Peckerwood” Dr. George Francher #1-5738-243 house in Austin, TX; Mendon, IL pioneers; Ned Frisbie #14211 of FL; Edward Russell Frisbie #2048 100 yrs. Birthday party; stamp collectors and quilters; Granville Frisbie #12508 of CA; Clifton Frisbie #4710 of IN; current family news

Vol27_No1_Jan1978 — Frances Frisbie Beach Van Prooyen 100 yrs. old; Sophronia Frisbie Pierpont of CT; Hiram Frisbie #802 of NY; tribute to female ancestors; Israel Frisbie #1289 house in NY; Edwin Frisbie #15293 of NY song writer; Frisbie authors; needlepoint kneelers for Red Cloud, NE; Tammany bank by Frisbie of Cromwell, CT; current family news

Vol27_No2_Apr1977 — Chauncey W. Frisbie #4871; Middletown Springs, VT history; Russel Frisbie #1033 nut crack; Ward family restores 1700s schoolhouse Orange Park, FL; John Frisbee #1433 Delhi, NY; Frisbees in Missouri; James Frisbee #4886 of Monroe, WI 100 yrs. old, J.&E. Stevens Tammany Bank

Vol27_No3_Jul1977 — FFFAA reunion in Stuyvesant Falls, NY; descendants of Caleb Frisbie #40; George Frisbie Hoar; pilgrimage to England; Nebraska blizzard of 1888; J. M. Frisby’s Cafe #15473 in AK; tribute to Doris Howe Friedman #5-0052-766; ; current family news

Vol27_No4_Oct1977 — Van Alen-Frisbee cotton mill in Stuyvesant Falls, NY; Frisbee Street in NY; William Frisbey #30177; Frisbie authors; Ball descendants; Edward Frisbie of Redding, CA; George Frisby of IL; Ella Frisbie Fuller; Frisbies of Luzerne County, PA;  current family news

Vol28_No1_Jan1978 –– Herbert Frisbie #4768 of Pine River, WI; Frisbies in War of 1812; Levi Frisbie’s Blackthorn cane; Walter Morrison of Frisbee toy; Ralph Frisbie #6046 roller skating hobby; James Frisbee #1490 of Greece, NY; William Frisbie #954 of OH; last Frisby in Frisby-on-the-Wreake; ; current family news

Vol28_No2_Apr1978 — Alfred Frisbie #2586; William Frisbie #4234, Frisbee author; Branford, CT; ; current family news

Vol28_No3_Jul1978 — 28th FFFAA reunion in Cambridge, OH; salute to Frank Frisbie M.D.#14250; L.&J. Frisbie Clock Co. Camden, NY; Frisbie poet Mary Frisbee #4658; microfilm; Elva Frisbie Nignerey #2230; ; current family news

Vol28_No4_Oct1978 — 28th FFFAA reunion in Cambridge, OH; Myles Frisbie #2575 of NY; Israel Frisbie #1289 of NY; book “The Flying Frisbies” on aviator John Frisbie #30733; Frisbeys of La Grange County, IN; Dr. Granville Frisbie #14253 of CA; Ralph Frisbie #6046 of KS; Frisbie authors; visit to Frisby-on-the-Wreake; Vivian Dahlke #2-4735-1036; Ralph Frisbie #6046; Betty Goodlad #5842 of IN; current family news

Vol29_No1_Jan1979 — Anthony Frisbie #2006 of Branford, CT; heirlooms from Orwell, PA; Sir Frisbie St. Bernard dog; four generations on one farm in IN; Henry Frisbie #1085 of Bantam, CT; Frisbie-Cope connection; Old Brick Church of Wysox, PA; current family news

Vol29_No2_Apr1979 — Richard Frisby of London and Virginia part1; musical Frisbies; Edward Frisbie #2787 family painted portraits restored; Frederick Frisbie #1375 maintained 1800s weather report of Washington, CT, part1; 1800s murder in a Frisbie house in CT; Frisbie boys tragically playing on frozen river in CO; Roy Frisby #30350; current family news

Vol29_No3_Jul1979 — 28th FFFAA reunion in Claremont, CA; Ichabod Frisbie #2235 of Red Cloud, NE; Richard Frisby of London and Virginia part2; ghost stories; Joseph Frisbee #4640; Wilbert Frisbie #6362 of Allentown, PA; remembering Olin Frisbee #5954; news from Red Cloud, NE; Frederick Frisbie #1375 maintained 1800s weather report of Washington, CT, part2; current family news

Vol29_No4_Oct1979 — P.M. Frisbie #1917 homeopathic physician of VT; Frisbie of Washington, CT; 1893 winter blizzard of Litchfield, WA; 125th anniv. of Mare Island, CA; Hearthstone is saved; Frisby-Phalin connection; Rev. War marker dedication; Frisbie authors; mini-computer; current family news

The 1980s

The 1980's

Vol30_No1_Jan1980 — Frisbee Market Kittery Point, ME; Melissa Frisbey Haldeman #30218 wife of Mormon “saint” in IL; bogus Frisbie book by Beatrice Bayley; fighting shopping mall by Hearthstone; jailhouse Frisbies poem; Frisbies of Plainville, KS Part 2; Charles Frisbie #2482 locomotive engineer; L&J Frisbie Clock Co., Camden, NY; current family news

Vol30_No2_Apr1980 — Roswell Riley Frisbee #1806 & family; Boat building Frisbees; micro filming; near death for E. Peter Frisbie #8535 U.S. Olympic bobsled team 1976 of Elizabethtown, NY; current family news

Vol30_No3_Jul1980 — FFFAA reunion in Manitowoc-Two Rivers, WI, — Chicago Aces Frisbee team perform; Robert #5350 and Jessie Frisbie of Toledo, OH; Bert Frisbie #13523; Burt Barnes painter; Mildred Frisbie #15939 poem; Frisbie look alikes; current family news

Vol30_No4_Oct1980 — Judah Frisbie #255 journals and School in Wolcott, CT; 125 Frisbies with patents; Frisbies of Andes, NY; Frisbie painters; Willard Frisbee #7084 of Delhi, NY; Chester Frisbee #1764 of Trenton, NY; Paul Storrs silversmith partner of William Frisbee in London; current family

Vol30_SpecialIssue_Mar1980 — next reunion itinerary; Charles Frisbie #14340 roots; reunion personalities

Vol31_No1_Jan1981 — Edward Frisbee #5761 of Stuyvesant Falls, NY; Lee James Frisbee #5537 of Andes, NY; 5 generations of Delbert Frisbie #3559 of Bradenton, FL; trip to Judge Gideon house and Kittery Point, ME; Edward Selah Frisbee D.D. #2738 of Delhi, NY; Frisbie painters; Abraham Frisbie #197 of Branford, CT; current family news

Vol31_No2_Apr1981 — Hezekiah Barber, the Frisbie Century Farm and Frisbie history of Westport, NY; Camp Dudley reunion map; Pepperell Cove history, Kittery, ME; Frisbie musicians; Lake Ariel Frisbies; 1800s John Frisbee designer of ships; Frisbie of Grantville, KS; current family news

Vol31_No3_Jul1981 — FFFAA reunion in Westport, NY; 1800s Lucius #1315 and Nancy Frisbie of Anderson, IA 2 volumes; Frisbies of Grantvillie, KS; William Frisbie #954 descendants in Ohio; Frisbie-Kuykendall reunion 1913; current family news

Vol31_No4_Oct1981 — J.A. Frisby #14441; history of Edward Frisbie #1 of Branford, CT; musical Frisbies; 1600s journal of Clerkenwell, London; Comedian Jackie Gleason learns golf from Harry Obitz of Red Cloud, NE; Olin son Elwood Frisbee #7002 dies; Olin McGillicuddy silly story; Kenneth Frisbie #7048 clown; Jabez Frisbie #332 of Harwinton, CT; computerizing of the Frisbie genealogy records; current family news

Vol32_No1_Jan1982 — 1900s Rufus Frisbie #1104 of Varden, PA; 1777 letter to Capt. Philip Frisbee #284 of Canaan, NY; Frisbys of McHenry County, IL; Charles Frisbie #2177 sea captain; Augustus Frisbie #576 house to be preserved in NY; Pearl Frisbie Estee #5820 remembers; S. Loyal Frisbie #3-181 editor and publisher in FL; mystery of Frisbie fishing grounds; current family news

Vol32_No2_Apr1982 — Frisbie-Blackman-Walden-Lynch family of CA; 1700s Philemon Frisbie #529; Josiah Frisby #14405; collecting for garage sale at reunion; Augustus Frisbie #576 house; 1896 H.F. Frisbie tow-boat, OH; lost Frisbies found in bible in attic; 1700s Capt. Abel Frisbie taken prisoner in Rev. War, wife remarried, then he came home; LeGrand Frisbie #15462 of KS; microfilm; Abilene, KS map; current family news

Vol32_No3_Jul1982 –– Senator George Frisbie Hoar #13067; new info on Solomon Frisbie #527 of S. Canaan, PA; Tenn. Frisbies; Mary Frisbie Wilson #3757 of Argo, IL “do you remember?”; strange story of Lamartine Frisbie #2367 of TX; Charles Frisbie murderer 1981; 1700s Joseph Frisbie #338; Judge Gideon house: Evelyn Frisbie Cameron #7216 of WI thimble collection; J.&E. Stevens mechanical banks; microfilm; current family news

Vol32_No4_Oct1982 — FFFAA reunion in Abilene, KS; possible Frisbie museum; Louis Frisbee #5065 Family CA to WY 1915; Frisbie-Webb family of Carolinas; Frisbies move from CT to Iowa after Civil War; Russell Frisbee #4937 of Orwell, PA; drag racing Frisbies; current family news

Vol33_No1_Jan1983— Cabinet making descendants of Levi Frisbie #349, Zebulon Frisbie #800 desk; Phoebe Gaylord Frisbie survived 1778 Wyoming Valley massacre; S. Loyal Frisbie #2-249 letter from 1914 in publication; Lake Ariel Frisbies; Elijah Frisby #14439 pioneer telephone exchange builder; John Frisbee #1234 of ME; Frisbie books and authors; Frisbie hobbies: toothpick holders; Frisby-on-the-Wreake map; current family news

Vol33_No2_Apr1983 — Capt. Rosewell Frisbee #1806 and 1800s steam packet “Kate Frisbee;” 1828 sampler by Susan Frisbee #1798 of Pittsburgh; Memorial Day story by Alfred Frisbie #4348; house on Frisbie St., NY; Abraham Frisbey #12947; Frances Frisbey Franke Deker #30258 99 yrs. old; Betty Frisbie Goodlad #5842 family tree photos; Jo Frisbie #5307 co-author; James Hiram “Hi” Frisbee #3817 of OK; reunion map; current family news

Vol33_No3_Jul1983 — 1900s Frisbie Balloon men John #30733 and son J. #30736; Civil War letters to Herbert Frisbie #4768; Dr. Granville Frisbie #14253 tribute; Frisbie hobbies: flowers from human hair; Red Cloud, NE possible Genealogy Center; current family news

Vol33_No4_Oct1983 — FFFAA reunion Pittsburgh, PA; 1800s Levi Frisbie M.D. #2785 and traveling trunk at Vallejo Museum; Felicity Frisbie #14371 painter of Brooklyn, NY; Frisbie books and authors; policeman George Frisbie killed in gun fire; woodworking Frisbees; headquarters project in Red Cloud, NE; Margaret Frisbie Gregulevitz 96 yrs old; current family news

Vol33_SpecialIssue_Mar1983 — list of Frisbie genealogies; Edward of Branford for sale; Frisbie music men; woodworking Frisbees; Agnes Frisbie of Lubbock, TX and the killer squirrel; Frisbies in literature;  PA Frisbies; Red Cloud, NE home for Frisbie headquarters?; reunion in England?; current family news

Vol34_No1_Jan1984 — buried gold of Norman Frisby #13810 Tensas Parish, LA; Rev. War diary of Elisha Frisbie in Litchfield, CT museum; 1600s Frisbie-Foote family connections; Edgar Frisbie #1650 patent; Pollie Avery Frisbie 1800s poem; Frisbie-McClure connection, Billings, MT; Frisbie-Pardee connection of CA; Charles Frisbie #12393 of MA; current family news

Vol34_No2_Apr1984 — John Wesley Frisbie #5328 tribute of Two Rivers, WI; Carolyn Demler #2-1031; Charles Thurman #2-1137 of WA’s woodland glen; Coat of Arms info; Frisbie-Rose connection; Frisbie-Thompson connection; Frisby-on-the-Wreake moves old cross; current family news

Vol34_No3_Jul1984 — FFFAA reunion in Red Cloud, NE; Rev. Stephen Wakeman Frisbie $993; news on Branford, CT; Susan Frisbie Wissler #2316 memorial in WY; Edgar Frisbie #1650 patent; Marcia Frisbee DeVoe #5974 of Carmel, CA; current family news

Vol34_No4_Oct1984 — Old Mill House at Frisby-on-the-Wreake; origin of Edward Frisbie #1 of Branford, CT; reunion minutes; Frisbie music men; Frisbee golf; end the computerizing project; Nora’s copyrights; 1700s Rev. Levi Frisbie #382 of MA; Moses Pierson Rev. War hero; current family news

Vol35_No1_Jan1985 — writer Robert Dean Frisbie #14282 of the So. Seas; debate over Edward Frisbie #1’s wives; Olin’s created character McGillicuddy; Frisbee toss record; Augustus Frisbie house , Salisbury, NY; current family news

Vol35_No2_Apr1985 — 300-yr. anniv. of Hearthstone house; birth of FFFAA story; 1st FFFAA reunion; Branford, CT: Academy on the Green, Samuel Beach house, John Rogers house, Capt. John Blackstone house, Thomas Harrison house, Samuel Russell house histories; Branford, CT map and other historic places in Branford; current family news

Vol35_No3_July1985 — FFFAA 35th reunion at Branford, CT; Ward family of Poultney, VT; Frisbie books and authors; news from Judge Gideon house, Delhi, NY; restoration of Augustus Frisbie house of Salisbury, NY; Frisbee toy competition the “Aerobie”; current family news

Vol35_No4_Oct1985 — 1800s Edward Frisbie #2787 home, Redding, CA; minutes of reunion; tribute to Frances Frisbey Franke Dekker #30258 of IN; current family news

Vol35_SpecialIssue_Jan1985 — a FFFAA headquarters search, the IRS and the Natl. Family Learning Foundation

Vol36_No1_Jan1986 — Hearthstone house built around 1730 by Joseph Frisbie #29; more reunion news; Frisbie Gas Engine by Russell A. Frisbie of Cromwell, CT; musical Frisbies; headquarters search, and Red Cloud bldg.; current family news

Vol36_No2_Apr1986 — Kate Frisbie Shannon #5495 of Bradenton, FL; watch-making Samuel Frisbie #13501 of PA; Nut crack by Russell A. Frisbie #1033; Mill Plain Cemetery of Branford, CT; Ouija board contacts ghost of Abel Frisbie #156 of NY; ; current family news

Vol36_No3_Jul_1986 — Levi Frisbie #759’s children of Westport, IA; Frisbie book authors; Bouton-Frisbee connection; Judge Gideon house update; Thimble Islands, Frisbie island, Branford, CT; Curt Frisbie #4018 of TX; Jeffrey Steven Frisbie #5277 of CA; current family news

Vol36_SpecialIssue_1986 — FFFAA Constitution proposed revisions

Vol37_No1_Jan1987 — Capt. Joseph Frisbie house c1790, Branford, CT; James B. Frisbie #7619 of Oshkosh, WI; Robert Ezra McCann #2-464 born in China; Thimble Islands of Branford, CT; current family news

Vol37_No2_Apr1987 — Murder in Cooksville, IL; Jailhouse Frisbys, Bob S. Frisby #16894 Corsicana, TX; Tim Frisbie #16913 actor in Los Angeles, CA; microfilming FFFAA records; Mary Ann Frisbie Cope #3106; current family news

Vol37_No3_Jul1987 — Ella Frisbie Fuller of Michigan, photographer; hobby: collecting coverlets; John Frisbee House built 1830 Roxbury, NY; current family news

Vol37_No4_Oct1987 — FFFAA reunion in Washington D.C.; Margaret Ethel Frisbie Gregulevitz #3973 100 yrs. old; current family news

Vol38_No1_Jan1988 — Cornelia Frisbie House #7008 costumer & textile expert; Robert Frisbee #16720 of San Francisco accused of murder; Branford granite quarries; John Kanost Jr. #1-1257 of Oklahoma City, OK; Jame Frisbie #12320 of Cadillac, MI; Olin’s hybridized gladiolus bulb; current family news

Vol38_No2_Apr1988 — Frisby-on-the-Wreake; Warren and Elizabeth Goodlad #5842; June Dickinson #1-205; Homer Ray Frisbie family; Hearthstone Gavel; Frisbees of Kittery, ME; current family news

Vol38_No3_Jul1988 — Mary Jane Pond Forbes #1-1153 of Cleveland, OH; Curtis #4018 and Edith Frisbie of TX; hooked rugs; criminal Robert Frisbee #16720; safe dug up in Holley, NY; Hezekiah Frisbie #363 and Shay’s Rebellion; Dr. Jay Frisbee #5540 and Jay Frisbee #7074 records; current family news

Vol38_No4_Oct1988 — FFFAA reunion in Marietta, OH; Herbert Frisbie #4768 Civil War letters, Marilla Frisbee #2690 quilts; Elna Frisbie Hylland #13553 painter; myth of the “3 brother”; current family news

Vol39_No1_Jan1989 — 1900 Andes, NY; Johnny Appleseed Chapman; submarine “Thresher;” Frisbie books; Mr. Frisbie of Aurelia sent to insane asylum; Ruth Cope #7-126 of Hudson, IL; Augustus Frisbie House Salisbury Center, NY; current family news

Vol39_No2_Apr1989 — Rev. Patrick #3-367 and Shirley Kelly of Marysville, OH; Frisbie authors; Sarah Frisbie #1-1288/3874 family of Jonestown, PA; historical NY; current family news

Vol39_No3_Jul1989 — Gospel singer Philip Bliss of Orwell, PA; Frisbie-President Bush connections; Asa Frisbie #2305 and Oklahoma Rush; African madonna; Joseph Frisbee #4640 of Athens, NY; Augustus Frisbie House, Salisbury Center, NY; Ella Frisbie Fuller #16901, Frisbie books; current family news

Vol39_No4_Oct1989 — FFFAA reunion at Binghamton, NY; Capt. John Blackstone House c1680 Branford, CT; Wesley Kanost sheet music; Batman and Nga Frisbie; Frisbee® toy; Frisbee Street, Detroit, MI; Judge Gideon Frisbie House; current family news

Vol39_SpecialIssue_Aug1989 — Constitution ballot; Memoriam for John Kanost #1-1257

The 1990s

The 1990's

Vol40_No1_Jan1990 — history of the Frisbie Historical Collection;  Edward Frisbie #4787 of Redding, CA; Stephen Frisbie #7368 of Portland, OR car restorer; Judge Gideon sideboard; Frisbee flying saucer; another Jailhouse Frisby; Frisby-on-the-Wreake; Frisbee Street, Detroit, MI; Frisbee Foods, Oklahoma City, OK; family publications; CA earthquake; attested will of Caroline Welton; current family news

Vol40_No2_Apr1990 — Frisbie quilts; Harry Willard Frisbee House in Andes, NY; Frisbie hobbies; the “Frisbie” Hibiscus flower; Stephen Frisbie #7368 of Portland, OR car restorer; current family news

Vol40_No3_Jul1990 — Frisbie Family books; Dennis Frisbie #2180 of Eastern Elevator Co., New Haven, CT; Barbara Frisbee Hart’s Wildlife Safari, OR; mechanical banks; Helen Frisbee Schwarz Priestley #7013 of Spencerport, NY; current family news

Vol40_No4_Oct1990 — FFFAA 40th reunion in Claremont, CA; Frisbie Books; Frisbies in Civil War book; Frisbie Pie Co.; Marjorie Dean Frisbie Martin #3926 100 yr. old; ; current family news

Vol41_No1_Jan1991 — Gideon Frisbee house; Marjorie Dean Frisbie Martin #3926 100 yr. old; Frisbies of Holley, NY; John Wesley Frisbie #4205 of Elmira, NY; Frisby House in Chesterton, MD; discussion of acquiring a church in Delhi, NY; Frisbies in Civil War book canceled; current family news

Vol41_No2_Apr1991 — Herbert #4768 and Libbie #1922 of WI; Frisbie Century Farm of Westport, NY; Palatines to America society; Burtrand Frisbee #4528 store in Coryville, PA; Frisby Smith Lockard #16166 of CA; Orlando Case Frisbee #4439; strange story of Myrta Frisbie 1800s Branford; current family news

Vol41_No3_Jul1991 — Frisbie Hotel dynasty of CA; Suggs #8521 collecting antique cars; news from NY, IL, Costa Rica; Frisbee golf; Gen. Vallejo piano; Uncle Ben poem “Your Name;” current family news

Vol41_No4_Oct1991 — FFFAA 41st annual meeting in Delhi, NY; 2 Russel Frisbies of WI; Fred Frisbie #4168 of OH; Gen. Henry Leavenworth; book “Ruts in the Road;” Frisbees of Rev. Navy; current family news

Vol42_No1_Jan1992 — Phoebe Rogers #2-1150 in the Rev. War; Jailhouse Frisbees; Sailing Ship Frisbees; Frisbie-Doolittles of VT; 1901 Frisbie auto found; Levi #349 descendants in PA; Henry Frisbie’s #5847 diving bell invention; Benjamin F. Forbes Co. #2-944 chocolate business in OH; Frisbie-Welton-Phelan connection of MA; Suggs #8521 car restorers; current family news

Vol42_No2_Apr1992 — Frisbies at Battle of Gettysburg; George Frisbie Hoar #13067; Frisby-in-the-Wreake; William Welsh #2-417 car museum; current family news

Vol42_No3_Jul1992 — Sea Capt. James Frisbie #492; Reuben Frisbie #256; Fighting Frisbies; trip to Galby-cum-Frisby England; Seafaring Frisbees of CT; Sparrow Frisby #14972 of KS; current family news

Vol42_No4_Oct1992 — FFFAA 42nd reunion in Westminster, MD; tribute to Nora poems by Edith Frisbee; Joseph Frisbie of Frisbie Pie Co. speaks at Kiwanis; Jacob Lott and Battle of Gettysburg; Glen Frisbie horseman of Kingman, KS; “Aunt Babe” Helen Frisbie #5498 of Marion, NC; Funny Bones stories; current family news

Vol43_No1_Apr1993 — Frisbies of Cromwell, CT; Zilpah Frisbie Lassiter #5494 tribute and poetry; knowing your genes can save your life; Devona Frisbie Lybarger #13590; Gen. Vallejo piano reprint; member’s interest polls; monkey’s point of view humor; current family news

Vol43_No2_Jul1993 — Harold and Mary Frisbie of Iowa; Edward Frisbie #5529 performs as Jingles the clown; current family news

Vol43_No3_Fall1993 — FFFAA 43rd reunion in Falmouth, MA; poem by Nancy Phelan; Henry Clare Frisbie #5847; Frisbie crossword puzzle; inventor of a diving bell; reunion one-liners; current family news

Vol44_No1_Winter/Spring1994 — Kate Frisbie Shannon; Rev. Levi Frisbie #382; John B. Frisbee Civil War Medal of Honor mystery; Wm. Frisbie silver mark, London; paintings by Harriette Frisbee #4516; Angela Rebert #1-235 roots to Edward Frisbie #4256; Uncle Ben poem reprint; Olin tale “pigs is pigs;” current family news

Vol44_No2_Summer1994 — strange story of Clarence Kiff Frisbie #5554 b.1866; Jesse Franklin Frisbie M.D. #2472 established Frisbie Fund for Rochester Library, Frisbie Memorial Hospital in Rochester, NH and scholarships for Harvard Med. School and Bowdoin College; Betty Linsley #5-883 tribute; Ruben Frisbie #18030 collected Model Ts; current family news

Vol44_No3_Fall1994 — FFFAA 44th reunion in Two Rivers, MI; Nina Frisbee Fiedler #7068; 1800s Frisbee Opera House in Union City, PA; turns 100; current family news

Vol45_No1_Winter1995 — tribute to Russell Frisbie #4937 of Orwell, PA; Frisbie Pies are here again; Devona Lybarger remembers; gifts to other organizations; Frisbie Memorial Hospital in Rochester, NH; news from NY, KS, Mexico, Alaska; Frisby country walk, England; current family news

Vol45_No2_Spring1995 — history of FFFAA reunions; Kate Frisbie Shannon #5495 stamp collector; book on Frisbee toy by Victor Malafronte; Robert Dean Frisbie #4335 tribute; Frisbee Consolidated in stock market crash of 1929; news from FL; current family news

Vol45_No3_Summer1995 — Jeffrey Russell #1-1716; John B. Frisbee Civil War Medal of Honor; beware of Marvin Frisbie; news from NV and PA; current family news

Vol45_No4_Fall1995 — FFFAA reunion in Colorado Springs, CO; James Frisby #20047; tribute to George Francher #1-243; Admiral Farragut-Frisbie connection; tribute to Jack Ray Frisbie #5385 conservationist of OK; book “Magnificent Mountain Woman” mentions relative Caroline Welton; Gustavus Frisbee #4409 of Royalton, NY; Jane Bouley #5-858 photos; current family news

Vol46_No1_Winter1996 — Frisbee toy by Victor Malafronte; news from FL, CO, MI; Josiah Frisbie#2538 1865 Medal of Honor; tributes to Philip Frisbie #17125 and Milton Frisbee Bush #7234; gift to CT library; Frisbie authors; current family news

Vol46_No2_Spring1996 — Rufus Frisbie #3296; Sherlock Holmes fan Owen Frisbie #4373; Mare Island closing in CA; Johnny Frisbie #6549 arranging Centennial of father Robert Dean Frisbie #4335 birth; Devona Lybarger children’s story; current family news

Vol46_No3_Summer1996 — Frisbie House in Cromwell, CT and Charles Frisbie #2123; current family news

Vol46_No4_Fall1996 — FFFAA reunion in Cromwell, CT; Edgar Frisbie ##1650 of Detroit, MI; Edith Frisbee LaVerne #7001 of CA; James Frisbie #3801 of CA 80th birthday; memoriam to Nina Frisbee Fiedler #7068 of Andes, NY and Elson Frisbie of TX; Frisbie book scam; Walter Sprague honors; news from NY; current family news

Vol47_No1_Winter1997 — news from around the country; Sarah Frisbie Gray 1800s whaling captain’s wife; Gideon Frisbee #8622 of Delhi, NY; Donna A. Frisby #18363 of Willingboro, NJ advancing U.S. urban youth programs and youth in So. Africa; current family news

Vol47_No2_Spring1997 — Ray Frisbie #16908 the barber of Milan,MI; Howard Frisbee #7072 sails thru the Panama canal; 1796 Samuel Frisbie #13501 of NY; John J. Frisbie #30733 balloonist and early aviator; Neil Frisbie evangelist of Capstone Cathedral of Phoenix, AZ; Daniel Frisby #160 and sailing sloop Hawke; 1800s Mary Frisbie Gladwin #1554; current family news

Vol47_No3_Summer1997 — Frisbie traits; Frisbie lettuce; Iowa Frisbies maintained oil rights; Frisbie word search game; Wm. Frisbie #2583 writer for Minneapolis Tribune and children’s books; current family news

Vol47_No4_Fall1997 — Graham Frisbee; Linda Irvin master teacher; Walter & Mary Sprague 50th anniv.; John B. Frisbie Jalapa Railroad & Power Museum, Mexico; Hearthstone Souvenirs; current family news

Vol49_No4_1999 — Graham Frisbee #7074; Linda Irvin Teacher of Year; Spragues 50th wedding anniv.; Jalapa Railroad & Power Museum in Veracruz, Mexico; current family news

The 2000s

The 2000's

Vol50_No3_Summer2000 — Fitch’s Bridge Church, Delhi, NY; Reunion Olean, NY; FFFAA reunion Cromwell, CT; historic Frisbie House, Salisbury Center, NY

Vol50_No4_Winter2000_2001 — Frisbee House, Monterey, CA; Harriet Anderson retires; William Redman Frisbey and earliest basketball game, Springfield, MA; 1860s Sarah Frisbie Gray accompanies husband on whaling ships; Rosella Graham Frisbee diaries copies for sale; Alberta Frisbee of New Hampshire age 103; Frisbie stitcheries acquired at Hearthstone; book “Bestowing the Spirit” by Martin Wilson Frisbie #2245; Frisby House referred to in book by Robert Louis Stevenson

Vol50_No5_Winter2000 —  Warren & Betty Goodlad 50th anniv.; heirlooms donated to Belhaven Museum; Gideon Frisbie’s Barn, Delhi, NY; “Edward Frisbee “Center for Collections & Research” at Cherry Hill Museum, Albany, NY

Vol51_No1_Winter2001 — Paul S. Frisbie rebuilds Model A car, Hallstead, PA; book on Admiral Andrew Hull Foote; adventures of Roswell Riley Frisbee, NY

Vol51_No2_Spring2001 — Five generations of Hull family; “If Walls Could Talk” TV show on Frisbie-Walsh house Benicia, CA; Owen Phelps Frisbie #4373 Sherlock Holmes hobbyist; internet Frisbie info finds; Artist Charles Wysocki’s painting “Derby Square” of the Carleton Frisbie Hudson Restaurant; Comptons longest married couple, Hawley, PA

Vol51_No3_Summer2001 — FFFAA reunion in Albany, NY; Jesse Frisbie Kettering Lake View, IA age 112; Rosella Frisbee diaries Delhi, NY; Frisby-on-the-Wreake

Vol52_No1_2002 — Cousins in dance teams, MN; covered wagon Frisbees; William Frisbee M.D. finds cure for Anthrax; Nora Frisbie 98 birthday

Vol52_No2_2002 — FFFAA reunion Oregon, IL; Nora Frisbie dies—tributes

Vol53_No1_2003 — Helen Ross birthday age 104, Rome, PA; Sheriff Mark Frisbie, Putnam County, IN

Vol53_No2_2003 — Edward Frisbie 1727 signature; Wild S. Frisbie’s church pew; John B. Frisbie #5770 military pilot

Vol53_No3_2003 — Frisbie-Frisbee Collection to Conn. State library; John B. Frisbie #5770 family; reunions in Kansas and Iowa

Vol54_No1_Spring20014 — Frisbie Clerkenwell, London research

Vol54_No2_Fall2004 — End of a generation: Cecil Victor Frisbie #3220

Vol55_No1_Spring2005 — book “The Measure of the Days”; Russel Frisbie #1033 nut crack patent

Vol55_No2_Fall2005 — Frisbie House Salisbury Center, NY celebrates 200 yrs; Olean Frisbee reunion; Nora’s notes on “Edward of Branford” Vol. I typed

Vol56_No1_Spring2006 — Ella Grace Frisbie Fuller photography in Univ. Michigan at Ann Arbor; Nora files gifted to CT State Library

Vol56_No2_Fall2006 — FFFAA reunion in Delhi, NY; “Edward of Branford” Vol.I reprinted; Linda Irvin Teacher of Year, KS

Vol57_No1_Spring2007 — Roain Webb Frisbie Strong of Iowa

Vol57_No2_Fall2007 — Virginia Banerjee visits Frisby-on-the-Wreake; Fred Frisbie donates “Edward of Branford”  book set to Geneva Public Library, Ohio; My Family Health Portrait govt. website

Vol58_No1_Spring2008 — Fred Frisbie donates circus artifacts to Henry Ford Museum, Dearborn, MI; family bible records; history of Dorene Stoney, St. George, UT; new FFFAA website; letter from Levi Frisbie

Vol58_No2_Fall2008 — FFFAA reunion Evanston, IL; Frisbie pie tin manufacturer

Vol59_No1_Summer2009 — FFFAA reunion in Hawley, PA; Priscilla Frisbee Columbia County New York Heritage Award winner; 1828 Frisbee Market Kittery Point, ME to be sold at auction; Jeffrey Steven Frisbie #5277 developer of medical devices scuba dives the Solomon Islands; researcher David Frisbie developed equine joint therapy at Colorado State U.

Vol59_No2_Winter2009 — Stephen Frisbie, Minnesota Pioneer

The 2010s

The 2010's

Vol60_No1_Spring2010 — FFFAA reunion itinerary; Walter Morrison of Frisbee toy dies

Vol60_No2_Fall2010 — FFFAA reunion Philadelphia, PA; Connie Frisbee Houde #7008 photojournalist in Afghanistan; bylaws

Vol61_No1_Spring2011 — Mary Frisbie #13566 retires

Vol62_No2_Summer2012 — FFFAA reunion Geneva-on-the-lake, Ohio

Vol63_No1_Winter2013 — Frisbee wedding; Ships of Our Forefathers; list of reunions past; Frisbee women of Roxbury, NY; list of Genealogy conferences

Vol63_No2_Spring2013 — Vermont record contacts; Ship/Boat Frisbees; Corporal Allan G. Frisbie, Vermont; Frisbies in 1800s newspaper articles; Rosella Frisbee diaries; Uncle Bob poem; 2013 FGS Conference, Fort Wayne, IN; George Morell Frisbie & Laura Castle Ebersole

Vol63_No3_Summer2013 — Russell A. Frisbie “Red Devil”; researching in Michigan; 2013 FGS Conference; researching your family; Shasta, CA and Branford, CT historic houses for sale

Vol63_No4_Fall2013 — Frisbies in Revolutionary War; Susan Field’s DAR journey; Pilgrims & Thanksgiving; 2014 Genealogy conferences Vol64_No1 — FFFAA; 1743 UFO sighting; baseball’s Moe Berg; a post-Nora FFFAA; Frisbies in the American Revolution; Judah Frisbie genealogy, Wolcott, CT; 2014 Genealogy conferences

Vol64_No2 — Memorial Day tribute; researching in CT; proposed FFFAA bylaws and duty sheets; Frisbie photos for sale in CA

Vol64_No3_Summer2014 — FFFAA 2014 Hartford reunion canceled; Connecticut library resources; Mayflower Compact; Frisbie 1800s marriages list; Bouton Challenge winner; Colonial “WARN” to keep out strangers; Frisbie 1800s news mentions; Frisbies in CT 1790 census list

Vol66_No1_Spring2016 — 2016 FFFAA reunion in CT sign-up and events list ; other reunions list; Diane Davis Frisbie family book; obits Helen Gilstrap and Priscilla Frisbee

Vol66_No3_Fall2016 — 2016 FFFAA reunion in Hartford, CT; letters from Kitty Hayes and Barbara Owens; Banana Split recipe from Mary Frisbie; FFFAA donation to DCHA for repairs to Judge Gideon Frisbee house; Frisbies of Cromwell, CT; Ask Maggie: “de” Frisby, Find-a-grave; Business Meeting minutes; Olin Frisbee founder story by Donna Frisbee Rooney; obit Howard Law

Vol66_No4_Winter2016 — “Dad’s Lionel Train 1934” by Barb Frisbie Johnston; “Grandmother Frisbie’s coloring book 1954” by Diane Davis; Meet Resource Team Ted Yungclas, Dale Hull, Mary Owens; Ancestry vs. 23andme vs. FamilyTreeMaker DNA tests; Dayna Davis Frisbee/Frisbie poem; Green Bean recipe from Susan Field; Ask Maggie: Joseph P. Frisbie not just pie maker, numbering in “Edward of Branford” books; John B. Frisbie #2786 “Making Gold out of War” Part I by Virginia Law; FFFAA Gift Shoppe; Victoria, TX Frisbie- Davis reunion; Josephine Frisbie scholarship; collection of past xmas cards from Ida Mae Frisbie Wilkinson and Ellen Frisbie McGill; Diane Davis meets Peter and Angela Frisbie; obits Evelyn Raye Frisbie Boothe and Raymond and Carol Frisbie

Vol67_No1_Spring2017 — Frisbie’s Pies available once again; “A walk in the Woods” watercolor paintings by Peter Frisbie; John B. Frisbie #2786 “Making Gold out of War” Part II by Virginia Law; Jack Ray Frisbie (#5385) fishing pier in Checotah, OK; John and Angela Frisbie visit family in Germany; Diane Davis 1930s valentines from Ida Mae Frisbie Wilkinson; Ask Maggie: Branford and Revolutionary War histories, search for adopted ancestor

Vol67_No2_Summer2017 — “Searching for Silas” Frisbie Civil War letters by Ruth Harney; Making sense of the Census; 1st FFFAA scholarship winner Nathan Crandall Frisbie; John B. Frisbie #2786 “Making Gold out of War” Part III by Virginia Law; Ted Yungclas’ pink Depression glassware collection; Ask Maggie: Traci Richard hits roadblock; book “My Soaring Adventures: A Witness to Faith” by John B. Frisbie #5770

Vol67_No3_Fall2017 — Creative Talent of Wm. Frisbie #1290-J and Bart creators of children’s books, MN; Dale Hull’s Mac and Cheese recipe; “Red Devils & Penny Shooters” book by Diane Davis; collecting cast-iron mechanical banks; Frisbies Around The World: Virginia Law, Sean Frisbee, Bettye Frisbie Davis; Ask Maggie: Algie Harper Frisbie, and My family reunion process

Vol67_No4_Winter2017 — Batman was married to a Frisbie by Diane Davis; Pioneer Hanson Frisbie; Frisbies Around The World: Steve Frisbie, Susan Field; Dale Hull’s Eggnog recipe; Popular FFFAA Facebook posts; FFFAA Shoppe; Marian Frisbie’s scrapbook by Joan Davis; Ask Maggie: Anderson National Historic Site

Vol68_No1_Spring2018 — “Fetch” Frisbee Dog Competitions; Growing up on Maplecroft Farm, KS by Leisa Gale; Frisbie reunion in Mexico City by Louis Frisbie; Dale Hull’s Grilled Plank Salmon and Strawberry Salsa recipe; Ask Maggie: Cousins First Second Once Removed; Editors Notes art from 1940-60 cookbooks, obit Peter Bouton; logo contest; reunion schedule and plans

Vol68_No2_Summer2018 — “Fighting Over Frisbee,” Frisbee name held hostage by Wham-O®; 147 variations on Yungclas name; “Nothing But Grasshoppers and Indians” George Milton Frisbie #2030 goes west to Kansas; Anna Elizabeth Frisby’s pioneer Kansas diary; Dale Hull’s Nana Bess’ Classic Pound Cake recipe; Ask Maggie: Civil War pardons Harry Edward Carson/Dunnels; Fred and Bob passing down the Frisbie chairs, Ashtabula, OH, obit Warren Goodlad

Vol68_No3_Fall2018 — Road to 1948-1950 Reunion by Robert G. Frisbie; 2018 FFFAA reunion in Topeka, KS; 2018 Scholarship winner Mina Jameson; Anne Parker Frisbie grave in Ashtabula, Ohio found by Susan Field; Levi Frisbie 1769 graduate of Dartmouth; Finding your DAR patriot by Cathy Schott; Dale Hull’s Mom McGill’s Calico Baked Beans recipe; Ask Maggie: 1750 calendar leap; Hunting for “Red Devil” car by Diane Davis; obits Judith Ross Hull, Gloria Joyce Ruddy, Mary Owens and Iris Ann Bell

Vol68_No4_Winter2018 — John B. Frisbie #2786/West Coast “roots” trip by Louis R. Frisbie; East Coast, Uncle Ben #3125 poetry collection; Coelle Merdler NASA aerospace engineer story by Cathy Schott; Donald B. Frisbie’s #4724 1910 college field trip by Joan Davis; Dale Hull’s Pumpkin Mousse recipe; Ask Maggie: her family holiday stories; obit Leon R. Frisbie; Vice President Susan Field

Vol69_No1_Spring2019 — The ABCs of Parenting by Jo Frisbie Von Tiehl; Case of the missing Father-in-Law by Cathy Schott; Scientist Edgar Frisby computed orbits; Ask Maggie: Jo-Lynn DeYoung connection to Edward Frisbie; Dale Hull’s Chocolate Torte recipe; Women’s Growing Freedoms, Marian Frisbie 1918 trip to Massachusetts by Joan Davis

Vol69_No2_Summer2019 — Toy Story, the Frisbee disc gets a new shape; New FFFAA website; Frisbie Pie mentioned on Atlas Obscura; Herbert Frisbie, Nora & Branford by Jo Von Tiehl; Donald Frisbie & the Colonel by Joan Davis; Dale Hull’s herbed potatoes recipe; Ancestor graves thrown away; Ask Maggie: Time Capsule

Vol69_No3_Fall2019 — The Frisbie “Red Devil” is found; Reading Grave Markers; Cathy Schott: Luman Frisbie—Revolutionary War artificer; 2109 Scholarship winner Blake Crook; Meet fellow FFFAA members; Families reconnect 275 years later by Joan Davis; Dale Hull’s: Italian Gelato recipe; Ask Maggie: picnicking in cemeteries; Alton Frisbie 100 yrs. old; obits Virginia Banerjee and Michael Douglas Frisbie; Frisbie greeting from Hawaii

Vol69_No4_Winter2019 — New Life for Frisbie farm truck; Frisbie Treasures, portraits and furniture from 1800s Frisbies by James Taylor; Dale Hull’s Shortbread Cookies recipe; Riding Wild Horses in North Dakota by Joan Davis; Ask Maggie: hunting for William Roswell Frisbee and Grace Slay; A frenchman’s miracle; FFFAA shoppe

The 2020s

The 2020's

Vol70_No1_Spring2020 — 1850 “Mystery Frisbie photo” owned by Dan Hamilton; Debut of the Leonard Frisbie luxury clothing line; Website resources; Home with the Frisbie Birdsall Clan by Joan Davis; When you can’t save all of grandma’s things; Alton Frisbie 100-years old; Ask Maggie: What’s in a name; Dale Hull’s Sugar Cream Pie recipe; Donate your genealogy book to the Library of Congress by Cathy Schott; Frisbee Room created at the Seymour Library in NY a tribute to Leon Frisbee; President Fred Frisbie: membership

Vol70_No2_Summer2020 — A Frisbee inventor Ed Headrick has ashes molded into a Frisbee; Legendary Frisby horse El Moro “the Grey” from Cumpas, Mexico by Maria Frisby Duran; “Mystery Frisbie photo” owned by Dan Hamilton, discussions and results; Gawain Weaver restorer of Mystery Frisbie photo; Epidemics that changed Frisbie history; Dale Hull’s Creamy Carrot Soup recipe; join Board of Directors, WWII Frisbie Family remembered, Donald B. Frisbie by Joan Davis; Bob Frisbie inherits Edward Selah Frisbie genealogy book; obit Donna Weeks; Ask Maggie: Maestro Robert Donald Frisbie; Matt Frisbie family time during the Virus; Cathy Schott’s Butterfly book; President Fred Frisbie: teleconferences

Vol70_No3_Fall2020 — Bowling Green State Univ. mascot Fred Frisbie “beheaded”; 1921 Carbide Mining Lamp designed by William Frisbie; Origins of Frisbee disc toy by Diane Davis; 2020 Scholarship recipient Sarah Hillebrand; Judge Gideon Frisbee House Delaware County Historical Society 75-year celebration; Ask Maggie: Philemon, Eli Frisbie and Millie Carr; Scarlet Fever strikes in 1900, Marian Frisbie finds new pastimes during pandemics by Joan Davis; Dale Hull’s Cookie Cheats, cookies from Boxed Cake Mixes recipes; Nominees for 2021 Board of Directors; President Fred Frisbie: stepping down

Vol70_No4_Winter2020 — “Mystery Chair” antique find’s hunt for provenance; Joyce and Ray Pinfold Frisby-on-the-Wreake’s greeters; Holiday Foods and Surprise Bakes by Joan Davis; Ask Maggie’s Frisbie Memorial Hospital, Rochester, NH; Revolutionary War ancestor? by Cathy Schott; Chicken Stuffing Casserole by Dale Hull; Nominees for Board; Twilight Zone “Hocus-Pocus and Frisby” TV episode; Tim Frisbie’s personal “Frisbie Museum;” VP Corner greeting from Susan Field

Vol71_No1_Spring2021 — How do you like your Coffee? members remember; Frisbie House at Iowa State and Dr. Alvah Lillie Frisbie; more collectibles from Tim Frisbie’s “Frisbie Museum;” Ask Maggie’s author Bellamy Partridge describes sledding Frisbie Hill in Phelps, NY; Jim LaMarsh could play any instrument; update on the TESS planet-finding satellite by Cathy Schott; Dale Hull, Chicken and Dumplings; improvements to website; treasurer update by Mary Frisbie; introducing Frisbie CONNECT; scholarship; Matt Frisbie creates Instagram for us; Mina Jameson scholarship winner from 2018 graduates college; Pres Corner by Leisa Gale

Vol71_No2_Summer2021 — How we passed the last year during Covid lockdown; scholarship winner Tyler Schott; Family bible as record-keeper; true story behind Popeye the Sailor Man; Lemuel Taylor Frisbie soaps, candles, hides and salt in Hartford, CT; Ask Maggie’s Van Alen-Frisbee house in Stuyvesant, NY; Dale Hull “best pie ever series” Great Grandma’s no-fail flaky crust an apple pie in a skillet; Pres Corner by Leisa Gale

Vol71_No3_Fall2021 — Homeless in America from Poor houses to “tiny” houses; Ruth Frisbie life story ecology dives and organic food co-ops; crazy cryptogram headstone in Canada; Coffee & Covid Rachel Hillebrand’s experiences; Bill Frisbie visits Huss & Dalton guitar factory in Staunton, VA; Ceil Frisbie lead man for the Walter L. Main circus in Ashtabula County, OH; Fred Frisbie life story; Ask Maggie “water Cure” hydrotherapy with Olive Frisbee McCune and husband William McCune; Dale Hull “best pie ever series” no-fail pie crust and Great Grandma’s olde-fashioned cherry pie; sign up for Louis Frisbie’s zoom call on John B. Frisbie ancestor

Vol71_No4_Winter2021 — Frisbie Christmas from oil spills to dressing like Santa, tender holiday moments & more (David & Lisa Frisbie, Lee Frisbie, Barbara (Frisbie) and Glen Johnston (Mike), Jo von Tiehl #4995, Diane Davis); Hunting for father Matt Frisbie’s family quest (Joseph, DeSimone); Thank you Josephine Frisbie #5307 of Red Cloud, Nebraska (Amboy Mill, Ichabod I. #2235, Lucius, Grace #3961, Frank #3957, Charles, Sylvester Frisbie, Helen Obitz, Dr. Albert Cox #1-852, Willa Cather); Restoring the Frisbie-Walsh house, Benicia, CA (Reed Robbins, John B. Frisbie); Ask Maggie (canning jelly and jam); Beloved member Betty Goodlad #5842 remembrance (Warren, Marti Heline, Linda Wiersma); William Pease remembrance (Mary #5917); Leisa Frisbie: Foot through ceiling reveals hidden treasure; Editor’s Note: John B. Frisbie zoom call by Louis Frisbie; Dale Hull “best pie ever series” Blueberry Pie recipe; Save the Date for June 22-26 reunion in Stowe, Vermont; Leisa Frisbie President Letter Veteran’s Day and visiting the National World War I Museum and Memorial in Kansas City, KS

Vol72_No1_Spring2022 — Electric Power comes to rural U.S. in 1932; Reunion 1954 photo; New book on Luman Frisbie by Cathy Schott, “Bestowing the Spirit”; Frisbie Family Treasured Heirlooms, Wendy Frisbee,Levi Frisbie, Diane Davis, Martha Craver, Guy Gifford; Ask Maggie: Elizabeth Wheeler, daughter of Joseph Peter Frisbie and Charlotte Adams Frisbie; Dale Hull “best pie ever series” Pumpkin pie; new director Matt Frisbie; Guest Speaker #2 Leisa Frisbie

Vol72_No2_Summer2022 — Refreshing Summer Treats, we remember ice cream!; Frisby Beer in England; Louis Frisbie’s zoom call on John B. Frisbie ancestor; Leisa Frisbie’s zoom call on five generations of Kansas Frisbie ancestors; John III and Capt. Amos’ sons move to Vermont; My Aunt Kate the Hooker (rug); Nominees for 2023 Board; Ask Maggie Ron Frisbee’s Golden Age of Radio collection; Dale Hull “best pie ever series” Mom’s Coconut pie; New book “Nights of the Moon” by Johnny Frisbie; Pres Corner by Leisa Gale remembering ice cream

Vol72_No3_Fall2022 — 2022 Reunion in Burlington, Middletown Springs and East Poultney, Vermont; Wendy Frisbee our “secret” resource; Oral History Comes True, Ralph Errolle tenor by Jo von Tiehl; Scholarship winner Amelia Frisbie; Frisby-on-the-Wreake “The Bell” pub is back; Ask Maggie, family data updates from the Hudson-Mohawk Memories books; Dale Hull “best pie ever series” Plum with Almond Tart; Sorry, no coat of arms for the Frisbies; Pres Corner by Leisa Gale, New Chapters, Mary Frisbie retires