Frisbie-Frisbee summer fun!

Ukraine Frisbee Toss

Longest throw of a Frisbee. From the highest point in Ukraine. RIDING THE WIND!

Fold origami Frisbee

How to fold a cool-looking Frisbee from four squares of paper, no cutting, tape or glue.

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Reunion a big hit!

Vermont was a lot of fun! Great pictures and stories in the next Bulletin! Not a member? Want a free copy of the reunion issue?

Frisbie Apartments

Imagine being a Frisbie…living at the Frisbie Apartments!

What a great party “opening line!” Once the location of Charles Frisbie’s 1896 mansion in Columbus, Ohio. Now a modern apartment complex. Click for more about apts.

Learn more about ancestor Charles Harrison Frisbie. Click for more about Charles.

“Frisbie” Tunes

Chicago pop band led by Steve Frisbie.

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