Frisbies gather in Burlington, Vermont

Frisbie-Frisbee history “illustrated”

“Hand” drawings tell the story from Frisbie Pies to Ultimate Frisbee.

Vermont’s four-legged 2HP engines!

Did you know that horse power machines were a pair of horses walking in a trailer, turning a treadmill, that turned wheels, to power machinery. The A.W. Gray’s Sons factory in Middletown Springs, Vermont built these type machines to thresh grain, and to power saws and machinery. Click video tee one in action!

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We will visit the Shelburne Museum and a day-trip to visit historical Poultney and Middletown Springs (founded by brothers William & Jonathan Frisbie in 1780s and cousin Amos Frisbie in 1794. A group dinner followed by a FFFAA Business Meeting (with reading of poems and catching up!). Click for more info!

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1700s Vegan Ancestor

Olive Butler Frisbie (1768-1847)

Looks like Olive Frisbie, widow of Abraham #197 was an early vegan (vegetarian?). She dressed in white clothing she manufactured from wool taken from living sheep. Her shoes were made from the hide of an animal that died a natural death. She ate no animal food, citing “Thou shalt not kill.” You don’t suppose they had Soy milk back then?! (see Edward of Branford, by Nora Frisbie, p.86 Vol.I for more on Olive).

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