“Frisbee!” Yes, it’s a family name.
And what a family!

John B. Frisbie—1800s California “influencer”!

Sunday, Nov 7, 3pm Eastern

Zoom presentation by guest speaker Louis Frisbie!
Sunday, Nov 7, 3pm Eastern

Don’t miss this surprising and revealing saga of John B. Frisbie. Sent from NY to CA to command American troops on the Pacific Coast, General Frisbie married influential Fannie Vallejo, built cities, railroads, banks, the Mare Island naval base, churches, libraries and more! Friend to Mexico’s President General Profirio Diaz, in 1877 Frisbie was key in averting a Mexico/U.S. war. Click here to be e-vited to this event!

Soaring “Frisbee” dogs perform daring feats

Amazing Frisbee-catching Dogs!

15 Dogs doing dozens of dynamic Frisbee-catching aerial tricks! Yes, amazing!

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The Frisbee Toy Connection

FFFAA Reunion, June 22-26, 2022

Home of the Von Trapp Family, the beautiful pristine village of Stowe, Vermont is nestled in the Worcester Range. It will be 4 days of activities and ‘taking in the sights surrounded by breath-taking beauty! Mark your calendars, alert your families! Lots of outdoor things to do (link below), and top it off with a scoop at the Ben & Jerrys factory. Details in the coming months.

Things to do in Stowe, Vermont!

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