Reunions are one of the really great perks of belonging to an organization like the FFFAA.
And, the Fris s are really good at providing great venues, wonderful programs, and time to get to know one’s cousins.

It’s not surprising they do it so well… the Fris s have been having reunions ever since 1950. If you would like to know where they went and what was going on, click on the reunion/date below.

2016 Frisbie-Frisbee Family Reunion

Hello Frisbie-Frisbee Association members, the 2016 Reunion is soon upon us!
The committee has made exciting plans for you and arranged accommodations at:
the Holiday Inn Express Hotel and Suites, 2104 N. Broad Street, in Meriden.
The Holiday Inn will be the Reunion headquarters.

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Frisbie-Frisbee Family Association’s 2012 Reunion

Sitting in a lovely living room overlooking the Pacific Ocean, leisurely chatting about family and genealogy may seem an unlikely start to this report of the Reunion at Geneva-on-the-Lake, but that’s how it happened. Fris Campbell, Pete’s cousin and longtime FFFAA member, gave us a newsletter announcing the gathering because Columbus, Ohio, our home, is far closer to Ashtabula County than Kailua, Hawaii.

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Phrisbie- Phrisbee Phamily in Philadelphia

Thursday afternoon, June 24, 2010 as reunion hosts Eric Frisbie, Dale Hull and Dan Hart were putting final touches on our tour plans, confirming dinner reservations and preparing for the up-coming business meeting, members of the Frisbie-Frisbee Family Association began descending on the great city of Philadelphia.

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Frisbie-Frisbee Family Association Celebrates 53rd Reunion

Members of the Frisbie-Frisbee Family Association arrived from Connecticut, Iowa, Illinois, New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania and gathered in Delhi last weekend to celebrate their 53rd reunion at the Delaware County Historical Association.

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Frisbie-Frisbee Family Association of America – 2008 Reunion

Frisbie family members gathered in Evanston, IL on August 7 for three full days (and nights) of talking and enjoyable activities

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