We had a nice note from Col. Frisbee after the launch of the new website. He is currently stationed in Bagdad and is the Deputy Commander (2nd in Command) for the organization responsible for building the Iraqi Air Force.

His Bio

Sean entered the Air Force after graduating from West Virginia University in 1989, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering. His career includes a variety of operational, acquisition and staff positions. Prior to his current assignment, he served as the Commander of the 687th Armament Systems Squadron, Eglin Air Force Base, Florida.

Colonel Frisbee is an acquisition and logistics officer with a broad background in engineering, aircraft maintenance and acquisition management. He served in numerous positions as a Propulsion Engineer, Intelligence Analyst, Program Manager, and Aircraft and Munitions Maintenance Flight Commander including Operations DELIBERATE GUARD, DECISIVE EDGE and NORTHERN WATCH. His staff positions include Headquarters Air Force Material Command as Aide-de-Camp to the Commander and Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisitions as Chief of the F-22 Budget Office. He is married to the former Melanie Jacobs from McAlester, Oklahoma, and they have two little Frisbees, Jacob and Lia.

I asked Col. Frisbee the following questions and I’m eagerly awaiting his response. We want to know more about him and what he can tell us about the conditions in Iraq! Is there anything else you would like to ask him? If so, put your questions in “Comments”.

Q: Tell me about your current life & family. If you have any
interesting remembrances about your father and grandfather that would
be wonderful to know too.

Q: You have been a member of the FFFAA for some time. What does
being a Frisbie mean to you – why have you been interested in your
“Frisbie-ish-ness? Do you share any of the Frisbie traits like the
legendary stubbornness, crystal blue eyes or big ears?

Q: Please share your impressions about the war, our involvement in
the Middle East, what you see as the implications for the current
Presidential race from your vantage point, and what you have observed
and/or are concerned about.

Q: Can you share with us, any stories from Bagdad that have touched
you or that are interesting or significant?

Q: Is there any”call to action” for FFFAA members. For years I sent packages to “Any Soldier” and had wonderful interactions with an outfit in Afganistan. It was meaningful for my daughter and I to put together care pacakges full of fun food, books, magazines, toiletries, etc. Is there a group like “” that you think we should be working with to support the soldiers in Iraq? Or a group to help Iraqis who need it?

Q: Who are your heroes? What is the source of your inspiration?
What makes Sean tick? What beliefs keep you going?

I will also get a picture of him when he answers the above questions.

Your Roaming Frisbie Reporters